Orchard Church of England Primary School

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Who's Who?

Foundation Stage 2

The Foundation Stage 2 classroom is made up of 2 teachers, Mrs Rudge and Mrs Perrett, a nursery nurse, Mrs Gilbert and three learning support assistants, Mrs Lee, Mrs Burman and Mrs Woodcock.

Key Stage 1

In Key Stage 1 we have 3 teachers. Mrs Lang teaches Year 1 supported by Mrs Garofano who is a learning support assistant.  Mrs Graham and Mrs Bates together with a learning support assistant Mrs Gudgeon teach Year 2. Key Stage 1 are also supported by a higher level teaching assistant Mrs Frith.

Key Stage 2

In Lower Key Stage 2

Mr Sood is the Year 3 teacher supported by Miss Ewart who is a learning support assistant. Year 4 are taught by Mr Stanley with Mrs Croucher as a learning support assistant.  Lower Key Stage 2 are also supported by Miss Tuffen who is a higher level teaching assistant.

In Upper Key Stage 2

Miss Bridge is the Year 5 teacher supported by learning support assistant Mrs Priest.

Mr Bolstridge teaches the year 6 supported by Mrs Williams who is a learning support assistant.

Mrs Snape a higher level teaching assistant who supports both Year 5 and 6