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24th January FS2 & Yr 6 Height & Weight measurement, 25th Jan Yr 4 Swimming, 25th Jan In the net - Theatre Production (Wigston) , 26th Jan @ 9am Yr 6 Class Assembly

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Twiglets 2017/18

Welcome to Twiglets

Christmas Craft afternoon in Twiglets December 2017

Nature Hunt

The Twiglets had great fun during maths week looking at how they could sort all kinds of objects out.  On Thursday they talked about the different textures of natural items and sorted them in a variety of ways.  They  then went off on a nature walked armed with paper covered with a strip of double sided tape; they used this to create their own textured artwork.  Their pictures are prickly or smooth or hard or lumpy or soft or shiny…….come in and see them on the cloakroom wall in the classroom.

Below is a copy of the presentation from the FS2 Phonics Meeting, along with a leaflet to help you with the letter sounds.

Phonics meeting

Pronounciation of sounds