Orchard Church of England Primary School

Autumn Term 2018/19 begins 30th August . Have a Fantastic break, stay safe.

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Welcome to Twiglets

We were very proud of our fantastic farmers!

Our school trip was a huge success, we listened carefully, learnt a lot and played hard.

Did you know, if you kiss a frog you'll find a prince, or that wool from a sheep can be good for your hands?

Pirate Adventure!

Risking life and limb!

Transporting our precious cargo of rum/fresh drinking water over shark infested waters, avoiding crocodiles, giant squid and piranhas! Which house team would complete the task with the most millilitres in only three minutes?

We have been thinking about friendship and have worked together to make our own recipe.


A recipe for friendship

A bucketful of kindness
a cup of friendship
a packet of kisses
a bottleful of forgiveness
a pot of rainbows
a spoonful of playing together
a whole jar of cheer up sunshine
a bowlful of love
a teacupful of sharing toys
a big box of trust
a bag of smiles
a jug of caring
a teapot of hugs
a watering can full of cuddles
an ice-cream scoop of laughing
a treasure chest of honesty
a washing basket of good dreams
a tall glass of wishing stars
a juice bottleful of looking after each other

a purse full of peace
a sprinkle of niceness
a jar of gentle
and a basket of understanding

stir it all up
pop in the fridge and cool for ten minutes then serve up and share with friends