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Autumn Term 2018/19 begins 30th August . Have a Fantastic break, stay safe.

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Year 2 2017/18

Welcome to Year 2

Year 2 Science Week May 2018

.Year 2 Village Walk May 2018

Fruit Cocktails

Look at our fantastic Superheroes

Year 2 Celebrating Chinese New Year

Christmas Nativity Dec 2017..

Enjoying our Christmas Dinner 2017

We designed our own Igloos

Christmas Craft Afternoon in Year 2

As part of our Judaism topic, the Year Twos have been learning all about Hanukkah, the Jewish festival of lights.We have tasted latkes (potato pancakes) and made menorahs (9 branched candlestick). We have also had a fantastic visit from a Jewish lady called Denise, she had baked us some challah bread! 

"I thought the challah bread we tasted was lovely." Maisie

"We had lots of fun." Ava

"The Menorah is lit for 8 days to remember the story of God burning the oil for 8 days." Leomi

"I loved the latkes because I love onions." Ben

"I learnt that there are about 200 Jewish people in Leicester." Elliot

"The Torah has 5 books from the Bible." Lucas

"I learnt that Jewish people go to a Synagogue." Aoife

"At Hanukkah Jewish people eat food cooked in oil like doughnuts and potato pancakes." Eden

"Denise showed us a horn they blow at New Year." Zoe

"I learnt that the most important thing about being a Jew is treating other people as you want to be treated." Zak

"We made a little Hanukkah boy." Ashleigh

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Science Day October 2017

 Warwick Castle



At   Warwick   castle   I   enjoyed the birds   of prey.    By Ben

We had lots of fun at Warwick castle but my favourite was the talking mirror.  by Ava

I   Watched   the   birds  of   prey  .     By   Henry

We learnt about King Henry the 8th .  We looked at the  birds of prey. by Megan.

My favourite part was the birds of prey.  Then we got to bear tower and we saw were the bears used to be trapped.  Also after we went up the path to the top.  

Next  we saw the bow and arrow man.    By Zak