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Autumn Term 2018/19 begins 30th August . Have a Fantastic break, stay safe.

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Year 5 2017/18

Welcome to Year 5

We have a busy term ahead with lots of new routines to be learnt.


Things to remember!



Homework Diary checked and signed by an adult at home. Hand Homework Diary in at school!


Outdoor PE kit needed




Times table test day


Indoor PE kit needed

Reading Record checked and signed by an adult at home. Hand Reading Record in at school!

Maths homework due in

Spelling homework due in

Fortnightly topic homework due in (please see sheet in your child’s book for due dates)

Homework Diaries

Your child will be a given a yellow Homework Diary and we will support them to write down details of homework and when it is due.  This is to help prepare them for Year 6 and beyond!  Please check your child’s diary weekly and sign it. We check these every Monday. Please feel free to write comments or questions about the homework if you are unable to pop in to see us and we will do our best to help you!


Guided reading sessions will take place three times a week when your child will read a set text and complete related work. During this time an adult will read with your child at least once a fortnight. Adults will hear your child read at other times in the week too.  Please continue to read regularly with your child at home, discussing the book and new vocabulary.  Please sign your child’s BLUE Reading Record at least once a week. We check these every FRIDAY and your child gets a Reading Token for every three signatures which is entered into a termly prize draw.

Tips for Reading with your Child

Make time to share books with your child. Listen to them read, listen to audio books together and try to chat about reading

Have a range of reading materials available - books, websites, magazines, newspapers, apps

Be a role model and show how reading can help you follow your interests

Read between the lines. Talk about what you have read to help your child understand what they have read in different ways.

Talk about the issues/themes, are there other things happening underneath what the author is saying? What is the author not telling us?

Research things together. Use the internet, the library as well as books. Talk to them about what information will you use and how you know you can trust your sources

Questions to ask . . .

Have you read any other stories with a similar theme?

Have you read any other stories that have openings like this?

What makes you think that?

What words give you that impression?

Do you agree with . . . . . opinion?

What do you think the writer intended?

How has the author used . . . . (e.g adjectives)

What do these words mean?

Why do you think the author chose to use those words?

Why do you think the author chose this setting?

What evidence is there to support your view?

What does the word . . . (e.g. slam) imply?

Why did the character behave like that?


Other ideas on :-





One of the best ways to support your child with Maths is to have regular practise of number bonds and times tables.  We will have a times tables test every THURSDAY. Please help your child to revise the week’s times table. Play maths games either online or board games like Snakes and Ladders. Use the Purple Mash website – your child has their own log-in.  Maths homework will be set weekly – either online using the Abacus website or paper homework. It is set on FRIDAYS and due in the following Friday.

Some websites for you to try...






At the beginning of each term your child will be given that term’s spelling booklet. Please help them to learn each week’s words ready for the test each FRIDAY.  Year 5 children also need to write a sentence using each word in context (in their yellow spelling homework book) which needs to be handed in every week.  The more imaginative and interesting sentences the better! Copies of the spelling booklets can be found on the links below.


Spelling book Version 1

Spelling book Version 2

Spelling book Version 3


PE Kits

Outdoor –trainers, t-shirt in school colours, shorts or joggers/leggings in school colours, sweatshirt/hoodie in school colours.  Spare hair bobble and spare socks are also a good idea. PLEASE ENSURE YOUR CHILD’S NAME IN ON ALL KIT!  PE can be left in the cloakroom in a suitable bag. (Again please with your child’s name).

Indoor - plimsoles, t-shirt in school colours, shorts in school colours.  Spare hair bobble and spare socks are also a good idea. PLEASE ENSURE YOUR CHILD’S NAME IN ON ALL KIT!  PE can be left in the cloakroom in a suitable bag. (Again please with your child’s name).

‘What’s in the News?/Poetry Choice

On a rota basis, your child will get the opportunity to share a poem at Circle Time on Fridays. Please help your child choose one and practise reading it aloud.  Also in Circle Time we discuss current affairs and the children are asked to bring a piece of news to share. (A grid is provided.)




Hopefully your child should find their homework supports and consolidates learning from their lessons.  If you have any queries about homework please pop in to see Year 5 staff (Miss Bridge or Mrs Priest).   

Please feel free to come and see us at any time if you have any questions!


Art/DT project

Our first DT unit will focus on the skills of weaving.  Any donations of wool would be gratefully accepted – many thanks!

Year 5 Homework Email address:




R E 

Measuring in Maths

Year 5 Girls in Science

Cooking in Year 5 

Spring Homework

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Islam Workshop

Year 5 World Book day Spring 2018 

Some of the models that the children have made for their Autumn Term 1 homework