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14/7 3:15pm School Closes for Summer Break. Stay safe over the Summer. Autumn Term Begins 29th August 2017

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Year 5 2015/16

Summer Term

In the second half of the Summer term, we focused on our topic "We are family" which was a science based topic looking at human biology. 


This topic included a focus on:

- The human body 

- Sex and relationship education 

- Report writing focused around our science topic


The years 5/6 children presented an end of year performance "The Blast From The Past" to family and friends as a culmination of a successful year.   




Senses Poetry

1st Half of Summer Term

In the first half term we have been focusing on our topic "Our Great Britain" - this topic was a geography focused topic. As part of this topic we have looked at:

- Identifying countries around the world

- Maps of the world

- Longitude and Latitudes 

- Orienteering using a compass 

As part of this topic we have focused on the village of Broughton Astley with a number of trips around the local area as well as a trip to a couple of the villages religious centres.

During our English sessions we have looked at writing in the style of Roald Dahl, focusing on his classic book Matilda. 


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Semaphore Messages

Listen below to hear our Radio Broadcasts announcing news of special events 




 Germany surrender

Pearl Harbour

VE Day


Sept 2015                                           Cosby Victory Show

During the Cosby Victory Show we saw people re-enacting an attack dressed up as Germans, English, Russians and the Americans. We saw tanks and guns and got to have our picture taken holding a gun. We also had a photoshoot in front of one of the tanks too.

We all loved the day. Thank you for taking us.

On site reporter: Bethany