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Sports Premium

Find out below how the Sports Premium has been spent for the Academic year 2016/17


Sports Premium

Here at Orchard we have continued to use the sports premium money to have maximum impact on PE in the school. The amount received this year (2016-2017) in sport premium is £8.890. The majority of the initiatives are designed to be on going and to continue for the foreseeable future.

Sports Teaching Assistant £4000

We have now employed a full time Sports Assistant (Mr Hickling) to assist with the teaching of PE in school. His role also includes him organising clubs at lunchtimes and after school. This has allowed us to offer a wider range of clubs to parent without a charge. The introduction of this role has improved the teaching of PE, our performance in sporting competitions and behaviour at playtimes and lunchtimes. Mr Hickling has helped to train the super leaders who during lunchtimes now offer a range of clubs and activities to engage the children. We are also now able to assess the children more accurately and put in intervention where needed.

Athletics and Football kit £1226

We have bought a new football kit and athletics vests so that more children are able to represent the school.

Olympic and Euro days -£135

The children had the opportunity to try sport we wouldn’t normally offer at school such as martial arts and fencing.

Competitions - £250

Orchard Primary School takes part in a wide variety of competitions and festivals throughout the school year. This year alone we have taken part in hockey, basketball, football competitions with multisport and athletics competitions to follow in the summer term. The children have really benefitted from these as they have enjoyed the competition, achieved tangible success and worked within a team setting. Every summer children from years 3, 4, 5 and 6 go to Saffron Lane to take part in the Blaby school athletics competition.

Resources - £1531.15

Resources are updated and improved through the sport premium funding. This has led to new opportunities for the pupils. Staff are able to work confidently with improved resources and now additional sports are being taught across the school. These have included new agility tables for gymnastics and an IPad to help assess and analyse performance. All children were able to achieve medal and certificates for sports day

Cyber Coach online program - £312

This software has given staff more confidence in teaching different dance styles and given children the opportunities to watch experts perform. This is now available to the school for 3 years.

New PE Scheme - £500

We have bought a new PE scheme with flexible lesson plans, up to date resources and allow us to monitor and track pupils’ progress with fun fitness challenges and motivating rewards. Champions is a whole-school sport, health and fitness programme that will help us to transform PE teaching throughout our school. We aim to improve fitness, promote a healthy lifestyle and cultivate a love of PE. All staff have had some initial training to allow them to use it in lessons but further training will continue in the upcoming year so that the scheme can be fully integrated across the school.

Mini Gal project and Gymnastics club - £567

A key priority for the school this year has been to increase girls participation in sport. We have done this by offering a gymnastics club after school which has been partially funded by the school and running a Mini-Gals project for year 5/6 girls. Both the gymnastics club and the Mini-Gals project have been a huge success. Mini-Gals has given the girls the opportunity to learn cheerleading from an expert coach and perform a routine to parents and the school. For many of the girls this has had a significant impact on their self esteem and confidence.

Total spend 8521.15


Plans for next year

* Continued implementation of new scheme through further training.

* Assessment used to effectively to identify underperforming groups.