Orchard Church of England Primary School

21st @ 9am Year 2 Class Assembly, 5pm FS2/KS1 Disco, 6:30pm KS2 Disco

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Eco Committee

Eco Bricks

The Eco committee are working together to create Eco bricks. We need your help to try and make more and more.To create Eco bricks all you need to do is fill a plastic bottle with a lot of different types of plastics such as crisp packets, sweet wrappers, plastic bags, and plastic. The Eco committee are using these bricks to create a green house and a scarecrow in our own garden. It will help save our environment. You can bring as many as you want.


Your children can hand them into our Head teacher and then when we have enough we can make a green house and scarecrow.


Thank you for your cooperation.

From Katie, Lilia-Rose, Harriet and all of the ECO