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24th January FS2 & Yr 6 Height & Weight measurement, 25th Jan Yr 4 Swimming, 25th Jan In the net - Theatre Production (Wigston) , 26th Jan @ 9am Yr 6 Class Assembly

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House Teams




Well done again to Cameo who have collected a massive 1620 total points for this half term, which added to their fantastic 1411 from the first half term giving an overall total of 3031, they will have their treat in the new year.

Cameo enjoying their movie afternoon 

Our house teams are:

 Cameo     Spartan     Bramley     McIntosh


Each team has a Year 6 captain:

  Cameo  Taryn                             Bramley  Izzy

      Spartan   Ella                                      McIntosh  Harriet