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School Clubs

Throughout the school year pupils at our school are given the opportunity to participate in various afterschool clubs. The majority of these are run by members of staff and volunteers at  no cost to the children. Some of the sporting, afterschool clubs are run by qualified sports coaches and do require a termly payment.

Clubs generally run Monday to Friday from 3.15 pm to 4.00 pm unless otherwise stated.

Please click on the links below to see the range of activities on offer during the various school terms.


Spring Term 2019

Autumn Term 2018

Summer Term 2018





What's been happening in clubs.....

Art Club Spring Term

12/02/2019 Sadly the last week of the club.

As Valentines Day is this week we thought it would be nice to make beautiful heart wreaths to give to the people around us who we  love and value.

Some precut hearts were available however all children demonstrated determination when drawing round templates and practising their cutting skills.
A snapshot of what went home!

05/02/2019    This week it was paper plate snails and peg areoplanes. 

Everyone took a place at the tables and enthusiastically began creating.

During this session adults observed the group showing incredible teamwork and great friendship.  

This week the group were shown 2 examples of door plaques 
then they could choose from a selection of stickers, buttons, alphabet tiles along with other bits and bobs to make their own.

The first week back for Art Club and we are impressed to see even more members than last year! (over a third of the class)
This weeks fabulous idea was to recycle old books. Just by making two folds on every page you can make your very own hedgehog.

Decorate it with old buttons, ribbons and anything you think makes it look original.
Here are just some of what the group produced.

Art Club Year 1 

Over the last 4 weeks a group of year 1's have enjoyed using lots of different resources to create unique pieces of art. These have included paper plates, a variety of coloured papers, feathers, stickers, lots of pencils, crayons, felt-tips and a firm favourite GOGGLE EYES!
Take a look at what they all produced. 

11th November 2018

6th November 2018

30th October 2018

23rd October 2018

Gardening Club 

15th November 2018  Gardening Update

We've added a leaf mulch basket to the KS 2 playground which has been quickly filled by eager children ready to collect the fallen leaves and tidy up the area. Alongside this is a fruit composter for those breaktime snack peelings, cores and skins.
In the year 5 classroom we have 2 pepper plants with ripening fruit on and a tomato plant still producing flowers! ( A bit of an experiment to see how long we can keep them going.)
Down in the garden we still have cabbages doing well and rhubarb chard.
The hexagonal composter, which surprisingly had some very good compost in, has been emptied again this year and placed into one of the beds to build it back up ready for the next growing season in 2019.

9th October 2018

Another week of tidying/collecting for the group. This time within the Peace Garden where we found loads of acorns along with sticks to move and use on our paths within the allotment plot.

We also discovered hundreds of conkers on the school field.


Some of us also looked closely at the leaves from the trees to see how they can differ in shape and size.

We also looked at the difference between conkers (which are extremely toxic) and the lesser seen/known chestnut which can be roasted and eaten usually around Christmas time.



A small group added some winter pansies to the planter outside reception.



Back on the plot some of the group showed great teamwork to pull out a dead plant while others added new plants and gave everything a good watering.



No more Gardening Club now until after February half term.


2nd October 2018

As it's Harvest time, this week has been all about collecting in the produce we've grown on the KS1 playground square. After picking, a general tidy up was needed.





The group were given sheets with either a seed or a bulb drawn on for them to decide what would grow.
The adults have also been busy erecting a fence, made from pallets, around the fruit garden. 


25th September 2018

This week some of us dug/pulled out the conifer from the pot outside the school entrance as it had been scorched by the hot weather over the summer and replaced it with a new one.



The old one was taken back down to the  allotment and replanted to see if it can be rescued.

Others planted out some winter peas before tackling more weeds in the beds.
Pine cones collected over the summer and also after the high winds we've experienced have been added to the area. These will make great places for insects to hide during the cold nights. 

18th September 2018

A new start for Gardening Club with lots of excited new members who eagerly explored all the growing areas
They all planted some Hollyhock seeds to take home and were also given one of the pepper plants nurtured over the holidays. We have kept a couple in school within year 5/6 area as it's too cold outside for them now.

Donated plants were also placed in the decorative wellies that have been attached to the fence surrounding the plot. 

See what's been happening over the summer holidays

Week 9

After making sure everything was watered we visited the Peace Garden to hang a disco ball and twizzle stick that have been kindly donated to school.
We picked all the gooseberries from the 2 bushes we have which will hopefully be used in cooking sessions next school year. 




Then it was time to enjoy the strawberries produced with some cooling ice-cream and what we've named minty fizz! 

Week 8

The strawberries are ripening well and hopefully we'll get to sample them on the last week of the club.

.Our peas are slowly climbing up the net and are starting to flower.

Some of us had great fun moving a large tractor tyre around the playground. 

We also did a bit of tidying and watering in the Peace Garden.     


Week 7


We have created a pumpkin patch.      
The flowers that we produced from a seedhead by scattering them in the bed at the end of last August are looking great! 
The sweet peas are coming along nicely and we've even picked some to put in the staff room  and the gladioli bulbs are already coming up!         
Only 1 sunflower from the group survived the dreaded slugs and someone was very pleased about that. 

Week 6

The first job this week was to give everything a good watering as the weather has been quite warm.
Then we pulled up the carrots that had been sown in late Autumn. As you can see they were a bit small! 

Water was added to a bag of compacted compost which will expand before we plant some more tomatoes in it.

We also planted fennel, cabbage, 2 varieties of carrots and rhubarb chard.