Orchard Church of England Primary School

The school day starts at 8.50 am (doors open at 8.40 am and all gates open at 8.30 am). School ends at 3.15 pm (all gates open at 3.05 pm)

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Who's Who?

Foundation Stage 2

The Foundation Stage 2 classroom has one teacher Mrs Perrett, and a senior learning support assistant Mrs Frith. They are also supported by Mrs Booth.

Key Stage 1

In Key Stage 1 we have 3 teachers. Miss Tamhne teaches Year 1 supported by learning support assistant Mrs Woodcock  and Mrs Graham and Miss Sutton together with learning support assistants Mrs Lee and Mrs Lynn teach Year 2.

Key Stage 2

In Lower Key Stage 2

Mrs Rudge is the Year 3 teacher supported by Mrs Gudgeon. Year 4 are taught by Mrs Bates also supported by Mrs Gudgeon and Mrs Hook (currently on maternity leave). 

In Upper Key Stage 2

Mr Green is the Year 5 teacher supported by learning support assistant Miss Ewart.

Miss Bridge teaches the year 6 also supported by Miss Ewart.

All of Key Stage 2 receive P.E. sessions with Mr Paparozzi.