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Eco Committee

Eco Committee Members Autumn 2019




Monday June 24th – Friday June 28th 2019


Following on from previous years, the Eco Committee have decided to host another ‘Waste Week’ at Orchard. The idea is to encourage children to finish their lunches and not to waste food.

There will be representatives in the dinner hall during lunchtime next week and children will be given raffle tickets if they are able to clear their plates or lunch boxes.

The raffle tickets will be placed in a prize draw with some great prizes which promote healthy eating.


Please note that there will be no pressure put on any children to finish their dinner; just friendly encouragement.



Eco Bricks

The Eco committee are working together to create Eco bricks. We need your help to try and make more and more.To create Eco bricks all you need to do is fill a plastic bottle with a lot of different types of plastics such as crisp packets, sweet wrappers, plastic bags, and plastic. The Eco committee are using these bricks to create a green house and a scarecrow in our own garden. It will help save our environment. You can bring as many as you want.


Your children can hand them into our Head teacher and then when we have enough we can make a green house and scarecrow.


Thank you for your cooperation.

From Katie, Lilia-Rose, Harriet and all of the ECO